Is it a trading bot? Do I need to share my wallet address and other details with you?

No, we just provide signals in your back office to see which coins and exchanges are providing arbitrage opportunity. You don’t need to share anything with us. You need to trade yourself to be safe. 

Any suggestions to keep in mind while doing trading with your system?

If you are new trader, we recommend you to do trade in stable market. Generally in bull and bear run, price fluctuates a lot. However, many traders find more opportunity in bull and bear run both.
Second important thing is before trading on 2 exchanges, check both coins withdrawal and deposits are active on both exchanges. Sometime, withdrawals and deposits are suspended for time being. . 

What is the best way to read the signal and trade?

We recommend you to do trade only if you see signal giving 5% or more profit. We don’t calculate transaction and transfer fees. Hence, 5% is good to cover all fees and earn decent profit even if price fluctuates. However, it totally depends on your expertise of trading and that can be built over a period of time. Just to let you know that many at times, we have observed arbitrage opportunity is more than 20%. 

Is there any free trail?

This system provides real opportunity to earn profit and we believe in it. We are confident that you will get good benefit out of it. Though we don’t have free trail but you can try our system with just US$ 5 for 7 Days and US$ 19.95 per month post 7 days. 

What is the real time or current price of coins?

The signal shows the last traded price of particular coin on respective exchange. It is real time data. The arbitrage table in your back office gets refreshed every 15 minutes.  

What is profit %?

We have shown the US Dollar profit calculation based on investment amount of US$2000. Profit % remains same even if you invest less. We recommend to do trade with at-least with US$1000 to save coin transfer cost. 

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you may cancel anytime. It will take 24-48 hours to cancel your subscription.